Useful Garden Pond Advice And Tips

Garden Pond Advice

This garden pond advice is for anyone who is planning to design and build a pond in their backyard. A pond is more than just an appealing water feature – it can be truly relaxing and the focal point of your outdoor space.

A pond is also a well balanced eco-system that can also help your garden to thrive as it allows plants and fish to survive in harmony with each other.

However, regular maintenance is essential, including removing dead leaves, repairing the pond’s structure and keeping the water clean. Regular maintenance is also easier than having to carry out a huge cleaning project every year, and these tips will help you to keep your pond in good condition.

garden pond advice

  • Regular maintenance on filters and pumps is important, and if you notice a reduced flow, your pumps and filter may need cleaning.
  • A good pond vacuum or other treatment can help to clean sludge from the bottom of your pond.
  • You can keep the amount of accumulated sludge to a minimum by using a skimmer product or net to remove accumulated leaves.
  • To ensure everything is in balance and working as it should, test your water about every two months. To keep the water fresh, change about 25 percent of your pond water each month.
  • Dispose of dirty water and filter materials elsewhere in your garden, using a bucket that hasn’t had pesticides or herbicides in it.
  • The bacteria in the filter is actually beneficial to your pond, so never clean it with chlorinated water, which can do more harm than good. So as not to discard all the bacteria at once when replacing filter materials, carry out the change over a few weeks.
  • Always use a dechlorinator when adding water to the pond or changing the water.
  • UVC ( Ultra Violet Clarifier) lamps aren’t as efficient after being in use for a year, and you should replace it every year. You’ll get 9000 hours of use from Philips UVC lamps, one of the most highly recommended brands.

Replacing the water regularly in ponds and other water features can help to keep pumps and filtration equipment from malfunctioning due to salt and minerals accumulating over time from evaporating water. Replacing your water with clean and fresh water every now and then is one of the most useful tips when it comes to garden pond advice.

A beautiful and relaxing place to spend some time, and a sanctuary for plants, flowers and wildlife can be enjoyed for many years to come when you follow these simple yet important tips. For professional assistance on maintaining your garden pond contact Get Wet Ponds today.