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Emergency Care

Get Wet Ponds And Aquariums is available 24/7


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It's raining, you're busy and there's always something better.


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Perth Pond and Lake Maintenance News

backyard pond

How to Keep Your Pond Water Clean?

Keeping your pond water clean can help aerate your pond. It is easy to assume the water is clean and clear. The water might not be good for your fish. However, it is challenging for most people to keep their pond water clean.  Read on to learn how to keep your pond water clean:  1. ... Read more
freshwater aquarium plants

What Plants Can Be Grown In A Freshwater Aquarium?

A freshwater aquarium if installed at home, becomes the center of attraction. The aquarium will have beautiful hues of fish as well as live aquarium plants. Some people may opt for artificial plants. This is because they are of the impression that live plants will be much work to take care of.  Plants don’t just ... Read more
Algae in backyard pond

How To Prevent Algae In Your Backyard Pond?

A backyard pond can effortlessly add a level of charm to a home landscape. The pond could serve as fish habitat and attract birds too. However, to ensure the pond maintain its beauty and health, you must maintain it well. Else, your backyard pond could develop an algae cover or an unattractive shade of green. ... Read more

Fish Pond Lighting Tips

Maintaining pond lights, especially with fish in the pond, might seem like a challenging task.  However, once some essential details have been figured out, dealing with fish pond lights will become quite easy. There are specialised outdoor and underwater lights designed to be used in situations like lighting a fish pond. Thankfully, they can be ... Read more

Factors To Look For When Buying Pond Pumps

When it comes to selecting the right pump for your pond, it should be about more than just choosing the best deal. A pond pump keeps the water circulating and oxygenated for fish and plants. They keep the water clear and healthy, which in turn results in healthier fish and less pond maintenance. Pond pumps ... Read more
garden pond

Tips on How to Maintain a Garden Pond

Property decor is something that many people take great pride in. There are many ways to make a lawn and yard look great and while some people go subtle with some lawn ornaments, lights and well-manicured grass with some flower gardens, others take it a little further and go all out with things such as ... Read more