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Get Wet Ponds offers aquarium maintenance services in Perth. We want you to enjoy your aquarium as long as possible, which is why we do everything we can to ensure that lasts as long as possible.
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Maintenance of a freshwater aquarium is not a simple as it may seem to some. There is so much to do when cleaning the aquarium, such as water changing, maintenance of filter, and cleaning the gravel. An aquarium should be taken care of properly and it is necessary to pay close attention to it. Often people who buy an aquarium for the first time are not aware of its dimensions and fill it up with a huge lot of fish. Overloading the tank will make it dirtier and may also be a dangerous breathing space for the fishes to live in.

It is important to make sure that the nitrogen cycle in a freshwater aquarium is adequate for the fishes to survive in the tank. If there are more fish in the tank the ammonia generated in the tank is more as when compared with the ammonia eating the bacteria. This is a potential risk to the life of the fishes as excess ammonia in a tank can kill the fish. So it is important to maintain a balance of ammonia in the fish tank. To do so, there are test kits that are available in the market and with the help of the testing strips; the waster tests are easier and accurate.

It is important to change the water in the tank regularly. This will help to remove the waste and prevent water damage from minerals and pollutants. Water changing is possible by siphoning out the old water and filling the tank with fresh water. To maintain a healthy environment in the tank, it is recommended to replace a fifth to a third of the water every two weeks. It depends on the fishes in the tank. If you have fewer fishers you can replace water less frequently.

It is not recommended to change all the water in on go as it will put stress on the fishes in the tank, as while you move out and add in new water, this whole process may be strenuous for the fishes. Replacing all the water may also carry away the healthy bacteria in the tank. A good filter is the best way to keep the tank environment clean. It is easier to maintain a big tank as opposed to a small one. It is never wise to fill your tanks with fishes without considering the size of the tank. Overloading the tank with fishes would make it a lot difficult to clean the tank.

Like any other pets, you have to take care of your fishes. There may be a difference on how to look after your fishes but it is important that you are regular in checking your fishes and making sure they are well. Keep a track on the feeding of the fishes and feed them the amount that they are able to consume quickly. Keep a check on the water temperature in the aquarium, preferably in the morning and in the evening time. Keep a check on all the aquarium apparatus, look after the fishes and their behaviour. Make sure to check the water regularly and change it immediately if you notice the water having a smell or find the appearance of water to be dull.

By following the above steps, you will easily manage your freshwater aquarium maintenance and ensure a healthy and safe environment for your fishes.

Do not rely on the self-proclaimed “fishing experts” and let the real professionals help you. Give us a call and we are more than happy to offer you with advice and tips on freshwater aquatics. You will only get the best services and advice with us at the Get Wet Ponds.


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