A Guide To Fish Tank Repair

A crack or a leak in a glass aquarium can make a mess. Unfortunately, over time, glass aquariums tend to leak along the seams or develop cracks. Fortunately, the freshwater aquatics experts at Get Wet Ponds say it is relatively easy to fix a leaking or cracked aquarium, especially if the crack is small.

Below is a step-by-step guide to fish tank repair.

Step 1

Locate the leak and mark the area with a felt tip marker or a piece of masking tape.

Step 2

Move the fish to a backup tank and drain the damaged tank. While draining the tank, ensure you do not put extra pressure on the damaged area because that would make the damage worse. After draining the aquarium, clean it with fresh water to remove the substrate. Then, use a clean cotton towel to wipe the fish tank dry.

Step 3

To help you orient the repaired glass correctly when reinstalling it, relocate the damaged section and mark the section to be removed. Then, run a razor blade or a knife between the panes of glass to cut the silicone adhesive joining the panes, allowing you to completely remove the damaged pane. While doing this, you should be careful not to injure yourself or damage the panes. In case the pane is broken/cracked, measure the damaged piece accurately for proper fitting and then order a replacement pane.

Step 4

Once you separate the panes, scrape the old sealant (silicone) off and then clean the panes with acetone. Then, allow the panes to dry completely.

Step 5

Apply a thin solid line of aquarium-safe silicone to the inside edge of the pane to be joined together. Then, at a slight angle, place the pane onto the bottom base pane in the exact way you took it out, tilting and pressing it gently, but firmly, down into the adhesive. Once the panes are in place, secure them with two strips of duct tape. One strip should secure the top part and the other strip should secure the bottom part.

Step 6

Apply another solid line of aquarium-safe silicone sealant along each of the inside glass seams, and run your thumb over the sealant from one end to the other of each joint to the smooth the sealant down and force it into the seams. Allow the sealant to cure for about 24 hours.

Step 7

Refill your aquarium with fresh water and test it for leaks again.


To repair your leaking/cracked fish tank, follow the steps outlined in this article. To learn more about fish tanks, contact Get Wet Ponds today. Get Wet Ponds offers expert fish pond installation, cleaning and maintenance services in Perth.