What Plants Can Be Grown In A Freshwater Aquarium?

A freshwater aquarium if installed at home, becomes the center of attraction. The aquarium will have beautiful hues of fish as well as live aquarium plants. Some people may opt for artificial plants. This is because they are of the impression that live plants will be much work to take care of.

 Plants don’t just add to the aesthetics of the aquarium but also act as filtration, absorbs the carbon dioxide, impart the water oxygen, and combats algae growth. To get the best of the aquarium plants there are some essential pointers that one must keep in mind.

How to set up an aquarium for plants?

  • Aquarium plants require 8-12 hours of simulated sunlight daily. Hence, you must set up an aquarium in proximity to a power source.
  • The size of the tank helps to decide the amount of light.
  • When making plant choices, be mindful that you need to add in fish as well, so keep enough room for them.
  • Add an aquarium plant fertilizer.
  • Add plants and bury the plants up to the base of their stem.
plants setup in aquarium

Which plants can grow well in an Aquarium?

  • Java Moss – These plants rank the highest in terms of popularity for freshwater aquariums. The fish adore them for their spread out leaves and hanging structure. This gives the fish enough room to hide inside the aquarium.
  • Cryptocoryne– These are normally inside the display pot in the aquarium stores. They vary in shape, size, and color. They demand a little extra care. You must be sure to not make sudden changes in water when using them.
  • Pygmy chain sword – This is a low maintenance plant, and is highly popular for a hobbyist as well as the novice. When provided correct lighting they can spread out quite a lot.
  • Water wisteria – These plants are fondly called ‘’Bunch Plant’’. These beautiful plants root deeply in the aquarium tank. They can function around any circumstances.
  • Dwarf lilies – If you are ready to pay some extra care to your aquarium plant family, then, dwarf lilies will be your best choice. They can break off easily, hence, you are often advised to buy the full-grown old plant.

How to care for the aquarium plants?

Aquatic plants are not merely for the staggering visual effect, these help the fishes in various ways. One must take proper care of the plant, for them to last long:

  • Pick the right plants – The plant species that grow easily in the stringent ambiance of aquariums are echinoderms, Anarchies, sword plants.
  • Place them right – The plants need the right substrate with the right amount of fixture.
  • Provide the required light – Appropriate lighting is a must if you wish for them to survive longer.
  • Fertilizer for plants – An iron-based fertilizer is great for plant growth and is safe for the fish as well.

After having acquired the much-needed information on the aquatic plants and the right plant for the aquarium, you can now set up your aquarium well. If you wish for some expert help in Perth, then Get Wet Ponds and Aquarium is the right place for you. Get Wet Ponds has a team of professionals that offer installation of the process, maintenance of the system, and also emergency care. Get in touch with Get Wet Ponds and Aquarium, for your aquarium as well as Ponds.

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