Fish Tank Cleaning in Perth

Get Wet Ponds offers fish tank cleaning services in Perth. We want you to enjoy your fish tank as long as possible, which is why we do everything we can to ensure that lasts as long as possible.
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Fish Tank Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your fish tank regularly is essential to keep your fishes happy and healthy. A contaminated fish tank can often lead to an unhealthy environment and can give your home a dirty look. Listed below are some tips that can help you with your fish tank cleaning.

1: Remove the fish

Check your fish periodically and ensure that they look healthy. If you notice that your fish are feeling lethargic or have lost colour or fins, it is an indication of stress. Remove the fish slowly and transfer them in another bowl or vessel before you begin cleaning your fish tank.

2: Use Scrapers or Algae pads for cleaning

Use algae pads to clean the inside of the glass of the fish tank. Always choose an algae pad brought from a pet shop instead of those available in the houseware department of a regular store. This is because houseware pads often contain chemicals or soaps that can be dangerous for your fish health.

3: Keep the plants, toys inside the aquarium clean

Colourful gravel rocks and toys for fish to play with can often become contaminated and slippery over time. Clean the rocks using hot water (without chemicals) and a strainer. Rub the algae on the toys and ensure they are completely cleaned. Use bleach for live plants. When vacuuming the gravel, keep all the plants, rocks and decorations are left outside the fish tank. This will ensure that none of the debris that is moved away from the gravel will settle on them.

4: Keeping the Fish tank and Tank water clean

When changing the fish tank water, allow it to sit for an hour before you drop your fish back. Also, ensure that water is the correct temperature. When cleaning the fish tank, always use approved cleaning products. However, if you have a pump and heater in your fish tank, ensure that you never change more than 50% of the water and always remember to unplug all the equipment before you begin fish tank cleaning.

5: Filter Cleaning

Always clean the filter in the fish tank a fortnight later after you have completed the regular cleaning. This is because cleaning fish tank from the inside out often disturbs the beneficial bacteria on the rocks, gravel, and plants. Cleaning the filter later helps preserve the beneficial bacteria within the filter and helps keep the ecosystem of the fish tank intact.

Once you’ve gotten your tank fit as a fiddle, ensure you clean it on a regular basis so it never requires a lot of time on your next cleaning.

Fish Tank Cleaning in Perth

Fish tank cleaning should be done twice a month to help it looking best for years to come.

So if you are looking for the experts for freshwater aquatics in Perth, David Byrne and Get Wet Ponds are here to provide quality service and advice.


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