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Our communities rely heavily on parks and recreational spaces. They help to improve the quality of life through exercise, sports, events, and other recreational activities. Stormwater retention ponds and attractive water features are common in most parks.

These ponds can become algae-ridden, odour-ridden, and have fish die-offs if they are not properly aerated. People can, however, acquire energy-efficient and cost-effective water management techniques through Otterbine Aeration Systems.

Get Wet Ponds — The Leading Supplier of Otterbine Products for Better Efficiency in Western Australia 

We provide a wide range of services to meet all of your freshwater aquatic needs. One of these is the supply and installation of Otterbine aeration systems.  With these advanced systems, you can maintain a clean pond and effectively treat the causes of water quality problems. They work by adding oxygen to the water column and absorbing excess nutrients, resulting in a clean and healthy pond.

How Is Otterbine Different From Other Aerators?  

Otterbine products are rated #1 in customer satisfaction. Why? Because they deliver sustainable water quality management. Furthermore, the equipment is well made, and any issues that may arise in the field after installation are addressed fully.

This is not to imply that the devices have any issues. They are indeed some of the best aeration systems in the market, a factor that can be backed by the best product warranties in the industry. Last but not least, we have impeccable customer service. As a park manager, Otterbine products guarantee beautiful ponds and years of hassle-free run time.

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What Can You Expect From Get Wet Ponds? 

Supply and Installation

We offer design and planning services that include equipment specifications and approvals by local councils. Alongside this, we prepare installation budgets and cost projections for long term pond maintenance. After the planning phase, we supply and install Otterbine products amongst other equipment. 

Maintenance and Repair 

Maintenance is a vital part of ponds and freshwater aquariums. It leaves them looking as good as new, and above all keeps the water clean and fish alive. In case of any repairs, well also address them in a jiffy.

Emergency Care

Need emergency pond services? Get Wet Ponds And Aquariums is available 24/7 (honestly, call any time) for emergency care.

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How to proceed? 

You can contact us at 0433 324 347 or send us an email at Alternatively, visit us on 3 Pimelea Rise, Beeliar – 6164 WA. We will prepare a rough quote and an approximate ETA then discuss the way forward for any of our services.

Image used from Otterbine Aerators Facebook page.

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