How to Keep Your Pond Water Clean?

Keeping your pond water clean can help aerate your pond. It is easy to assume the water is clean and clear. The water might not be good for your fish. However, it is challenging for most people to keep their pond water clean. 

Read on to learn how to keep your pond water clean: 

1. Choose Proper Pond Filter

Do your due diligence before choosing your pond filter. It is much better to choose a proper pond filter that can handle your pond’s capacity. In fact, you can choose a bigger size since they are more effective. Once you choose a proper pond filter, you must keep it clean. Follow the instructions when cleaning your pond filter. 

2. Balance Your Plants Properly 

Cover 40-60% of the surface of your pond with plants. Do not put too many plants since they can cause oxygen deficiencies, especially during the night. Balancing your plants properly in your pond can help avoid oxygen deficiencies. 

3. Have a Healthy Fish Population 

Do not put several fish in the same pond. If your pond is overpopulated with fish, it can cause an imbalance in your pond water. Move some fish from your overpopulated ponds to less populated ponds. It is even better to find some contractors and retailers who can take the fish.

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4. Avoid Over-Feeding Your Fish 

Fish stop eating food once they no longer need them. Therefore, if you leave uneaten food in the pond, they decay inside your food. The decaying food can make your pond dirty. Select quality food for your fish, especially the food that can float on water. Once your fish finish eating, you just remove the uneaten food.

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5. Select the Correct Pump Size for Your Pond 

It is better to circulate the pond water once every hour. You need to choose a pump that can circulate the water throughout your pond. However, do not pump the pond water higher than it is supposed to. Make sure you are choosing the correct pump size. 

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If you cannot keep your pond clean on your own, you can hire a professional to help you keep your pond water clean. If you are looking for a professional pond cleaner in Perth, Western Australia, contact Get Wet Ponds today.

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