Industrial & Wastewater Aerators – Supplied and Installed by Get Wet Ponds

Get Wet Ponds can help you protect and conserve your freshwater aquatic. That is why they supply and install Otterbine products. You can use these advanced systems to keep your freshwater aquatic clean. 

The Otterbine products can keep your pond clean and healthy since they absorb excess nutrients. 

Why Get Wet Ponds Recommend Otterbine Aerators? 

Here are the top reasons Get Wet Ponds recommend Otterbine aerators: 

They are Energy Efficient 

  • They have low running costs and consume less energy since they are low amperage systems. They can, therefore, reduce your monthly bills. 
  • They Can Maintain Water Quality in Your Pond 
  • They add oxygen into the water column, so they can help you maintain water quality in your pond. In fact, they can control foul odours, aquatic weeds and algae. 

Proven Performance

Otterbine has their oxygen transfer and pumping rates independently tested. Then, they publish their results on their aeration systems. You can even check their results before buying their aerators. 

Spray Patterns

Otterbine offers 26 spray patterns. It is simple to change the patterns since they are interchangeable. You can, therefore, change the patterns in less than 20 minutes. 


Otterbine has the strongest all-inclusive warranties in the entire industry. If you experience a problem or you need a unit service, they get you covered. 

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We Recommend For: 

Get Wet Ponds recommend Otterbine aerators for Mining officials, Firefighters, Facility Managers and Engineers. They can use Otterbine products for fire prevention equipment, treatment of effluent ponds and effective water management. 

Otterbine uses non-corrosive materials to construct its industrial aeration systems. Therefore, their industrial aeration systems can be used in industrial applications, including effluent irrigation ponds, snowmaking, food processing, natural fire prevention tools, mining operations, marinas and wastewater aerators and treatment facilities. 

Industrial Features of the Aerators

Interchangeable Patterns – It takes under 30 minutes to change patterns

Shallow Operating Depth – It operates in 75 cm or 30 in of water 

Corrosion Resistant – It can operate in effluent and brackish conditions 

Pattern Guarantee – Aerating fountains come with a Pattern Guarantee. If you do not like the pattern, they can change it for you. 

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How to Proceed? 

It is difficult to keep your pond clean and healthy. It is, therefore, essential to install a pond aerator to keep your pond clean and healthy. It is better to hire professionals to install a pond aerator. So, if you are looking for a professional pond related equipment installation service in Perth, Western Australia, contact Get Wet Ponds today.

Image from Otterbine

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