About Us

David Byrne has had an active interest in freshwater aquatics for over 20 years and is regarded by many as one of the top fish savvy people in Perth, but it was only fairly recently that he has taken his outstanding knowledge of fish, ponds and aquariums and applied it to business.

Does this mean he’s just another cowboy with no experience? Absolutely not, in fact quite the opposite.

David was actually a plasterer by trade until an accident meant he could no longer work in that field, and it was at this point that he decided he wanted to work in a new field that he truly loved. David sold off a few assets to find the original funding for what he now proudly calls, “Get Wet Pond and Aquariums,” and from there, his business has only grown.

This is a true testament to his passion for fish and aquatic life, as well as his dedication to quality service and advice in Perth

Part of David’s philosophy is that when you have a passion for fish and aquatics, you shouldn’t leave a pond job dry, hence the name ‘Get Wet.’ So remember the name folks, Get Wet Ponds, we’ll literally get wet for ya when others won’t!

Our Price includes

The call out fee and first hour of work.