What Maintenance does a Koi Pond Require?

Koi Pond Maintenance

Commonly referred to as Koi, Nishikigoi are the national ornamental pond fish of Japan. Although they are the relatives of the goldfish, they grow much more and are more colourful too. Having a Koi pond at your home is unarguably the quickest way to reduce day-to-day anxieties and stress.

In addition, a Koi pond is an ideal way of adding beauty to your outdoor space or backyard. Nevertheless it needs some effort to maintain such ponds to keep them attractive and healthy. You can avoid complications later on by taking proper care of your Koi pond.

Find below some simple and effective steps focusing on what maintenance does a Koi pond require.

Purchase a filtration system: Purchasing a water filtration system, which removes algae attracting organic debris is the primary step in maintaining a clean pond. Include filtering plants such as the Anacharis that naturally clean the water.

Erect a shade over the pond: Algae require sunlight to survive. Prevent their growth, as well as protect your Koi by keeping most of your pond shielded from the rays of the sun.

Cleaning items inside the pond: Do not forget to items such as tiles and rocks by scrubbing them when you change the water inside the pond. You should also clean the sides of your pond using hot water along with an algae scrub. This keeps your pond free of debris and prevents algae blooms too.

Control the population of your Koi fish: Koi needs space to move and grow. Therefore, you should ensure that that pond you want to keep them in is sufficiently large for your Koi to feed and breed comfortably. Overpopulated ponds result in the blooming of algae and the fish to die.

Remove destructive debris: Remove items, which your water filtering cannot. This includes removing dead plants, removing local bugs, as well as muck trapped in your water filter or pump. Make sure that you trim plants inside the pool as well.

Draining the pond: To maintain the freshness of the water inside the pond, drain approximately 10% of water in the pond and replace it with fresh water on a daily basis. Apart from offering a healthy ecosystem for your Koi, it helps you to easily maintain your pond.

Pond Maintenance Experts in Perth

Get Wet Ponds has been providing service for Koi Ponds for many years. We guarantee exceptional services at pocket-friendly prices at all times. Some of our services include:

• Pump repair and replacement

• Filter installation and cleaning

• Construction of new Koi ponds

• Minor rock and plant adjustment

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