Tips on How to Maintain a Garden Pond

Property decor is something that many people take great pride in. There are many ways to make a lawn and yard look great and while some people go subtle with some lawn ornaments, lights and well-manicured grass with some flower gardens, others take it a little further and go all out with things such as outdoor ponds.  

How do you maintain a garden pond?

Some properties already have a pond on-site while some homeowners create a man-made one. Once the pond is ready, it is stocked with various fish and pond-friendly water creatures. Ponds are much smaller than lakes and don’t run off into another body of water so it is fairly easy to turn one into an aquarium. If you are installing a great pond or need pond maintenance, contact Get Wet Ponds. They will get wet for you.

So what fish are good for garden ponds?

A variety of fish are suitable for outdoor ponds but typically, you will want to use bigger fish than what is typically put in small indoor aquariums. You also want to choose fish that are adaptable and can survive in an outdoor environment. Make sure the pond has the correct food source best suited to the survival of your fish and if you decide to mix species, ensure that they can live well together in this environment.  

When taking into consideration the type of fish you would like to have in your pond, you may want to consider a variety of brightly coloured, eye-catching species and some surface fish which are easy to spot. Some fish that adapt well to backyard ponds include:


Golden Rainbow Trout



Common Goldfish


Comet Goldfish

Algae Eaters

Tips for Maintaining your Garden Pond and Keeping your Fish Healthy

Make sure to keep the area around the pond free of litter and debris that could end up in the water. It’s also a good idea to keep the area well-maintained and mowed without cutting the grass that is closest to the edge. Educate yourself on what is best to feed your fish species. Monitor the pond frequently to ensure there are no issues and watch for anything out-of-the-ordinary that could be harming the pond and fish that live in it.

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