Pond Maintenance Perth

All ponds need to be maintained

Ponds add beauty to one’s space and helps create a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere for homeowners and guests. However, fish pond maintenance may be time-consuming if it is not done consistently. While there are certain things that are required to be done frequently, there are some that should be done on a seasonal basis.

A complete pond cleaning is done occasionally as it is quite a time-consuming and requires you to establish the natural ecological balance in the pond while cleaning the pond from the start.

Preventative Pond Maintenance

Fish pond maintenance is essential to help keep fish healthy. If the ponds are not cleaned, tested or treated properly, fishes may not survive long in this man-made aquatic environment.

Opting for preventative pond maintenance is usually a better option than a full overhaul. Get Wet Ponds not only helps people with their ponds maintenance, but also to revamp those that are out of control.

When is pond cleaning required?

  • Built up of mud and silt
  • Stinking Water
  • Plant overgrowth
  • Leaves build up
  • Plants shrivel and die
  • Weeds invasion
  • Fishes start to die

How to maintain fish pond?

Keep the filters clean

There are various factors that determine how often the filters should be cleaned. These include -pond size, the number of fishes in the pond, the environment and the quality of pumps used. If you have numerous fishes, more waste is created, requiring you to clean the filters frequently.

Larger ponds that have smaller pumps are also required to be cleaned more often. Having the right sized pump in your ponds prevents debris from clogging the filter, helping keep the water clean.

Filters also need to require frequent cleaning in the dirt, rainy environments. To clean the filter, first, unplug the pumps, remove the filter cover lid and spray it with water.

Do a pH level Test

It is always good to do a pH level test when cleaning the pond. However, ensure that you do the test at times when you add more water to the pond or after rainstorms. Maintaining a pH level of the pond water between 6.8 and 7.8 is optimum.

Remove Debris

To maintain a fish pond, ensure that you remove floating debris, leaves and twigs from water using a pond or pool skimmer.

De chlorinate Pond Water

Ponds in your home are likely to have chlorine in the water. While chlorine can prevent algae growth, it can cause fishes to die. Ensure that you include an additional carbon filter is added to remove chlorine.

Create an eco-friendly pond

Creating an eco-friendly pond can help keep your fishes as well as plants healthy. However, ensure that you keep the pond clean to keep germs away. Additionally, avoid using harsh chemicals and too much bleach as it can be detrimental for your fish health as well as the ecosystem.

Create a pond that is beautiful as well as functional. While raising fish in your pond can help provide you with food, decorating your pond with lights and fountain can make it a center of attraction in your backyard where you can enjoy outdoor times with family and friends.

Wish you success with your fish farming.


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