Importance Of Lake Management

Lake Management

Maintaining a healthy and clean lake can be a daunting and endless task for most private landowners. Generally, lakes and ponds are built for the purpose of irrigation and livestock watering. A primary reason for acquiring a property near a lake is to continue enjoying recreational activities and natural beauty a lake has to offer. However, lake management can play a crucial role in helping you enjoy these benefits.

Benefits of Lake Maintenance

It does not cost much to keep a pond and lake healthy especially if landowners take care to spend on simple regular maintenance. However, if landowners ignore problems caused due to irregular maintenance, they often end of paying more than required for the maintenance.

If you are one of those people who have a lake or pond on your property, it important that keep it healthy through regular care and maintenance. Listed below are some of the benefits of maintaining a lake or pond:

Recreation: Having a clean and healthy lake is more conducive to enjoy recreational activities such as swimming, fishing or boating with your loved ones.

Health: If there are blue-green algae, E.coli and other contaminants present in the water body, it can put the health of your family, pets, wild animals or livestock as a great risk. Monitor your lake and pond regularly to ensure that it is clean and free of toxins.

Aesthetics: Keeping a lake and pond clean is a responsibility of every homeowner. Investing in optimum water quality will not only help give a picturesque appearance to a property, but will also provide a sense of calmness and serenity in life.

Property Value: Lake Maintenance can help boost the value of your property. If you are planning to sell a property that has overgrown algae- infested lake or pond, it can create a negative impression on potential buyers, reducing the chances of a sale.

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Common Lake Problems

Poor water quality: When the water body has chemical substance in the sediments, algae blooms, fish kills, excessive weed growth, declining fisheries, and aquatic organisms, the water quality is threatened to cause various lake issues.

An unattractive lake view: When there is a loss of fishes and wildlife due to improper care and maintenance and decline of the scenic qualities of shorelines, your lake might no longer feel pleasing to the eyes.

Conflict issues: Disagreements among swimmers, fishermen, water skiers, and power boaters can make a lake feel unfriendly and unapproachable.

Lakes that are maintained, stocked with fish species of choice and have fishes removed and harvested properly offer excellent recreational opportunities.

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The Fundamentals of Lake Management

Practicing simple lake management fundamentals can help provide optimal recreational fishing and various other activities. It will not only help boost pond productivity, but will also reduce problems associated with fish stunting, vegetation, aquatic and water quality issues.

An important fundamental of lake management is learning how to identify the problem (such as low dissolved oxygen) and taking suitable remedial measures to solve them.

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