How To Maintain A Fish Tank At Home

If you love having sea animals in your home then getting a fish can be a great idea for you. Fish is one of the easiest pets to maintain at home since it does not need you to have a lot of skills.  People always forget that they are supposed to clean the fish tank.

There are a few tips on fish tank maintenance at home that are easy to follow.

1. Change the water and clean the gravel

Always change the water and add fresh water to the tank. You can do this by draining 75% of the fish tank water and adding cold water from your tap. Then change the water pH or add conditioner to make the water alkaline or salty. You can clean the gravel by using a gravel vacuum which is available in pet stores.

2. Feed the fish the right amount

Most people tend to overfeed the fish and the food that is not eaten end up making the fish tank dirty. You should feed your fish enough food and avoid any wastage. Before feeding them make sure you clean and remove any uneaten food from the tank. This is because decomposed food end up polluting the fish water and you find yourself cleaning the fish tank more often.

3. Clean the filter

A good filter is what keeps your fish alive as it provides the needed amount of nitrogen in the aquarium. Make it a habit that you clean the filter once a month to remove any debris. You should use a sponge and clean water tap water. However, you should never use soap or detergent to clean the filter as the chemicals may harm the fish. Ensure that you have scrubbed the filter casing and the tubes thoroughly.

4. Keep your fish tank away from direct sunlight

Placing your fish tank where there is direct sunlight can cause algae to grow in the tank. You need to place it at a distance from direct sunlight whether it’s from the window, the door or the skylight. If your tank already has some algae, you can clean the tank with a net or syphon. Ensure that you have removed as much as possible as algae cause a reduction of nutrients in the tank. This may end up killing your fish if it does not receive enough nutrients.


Having a fish tank in your home creates a great focal point and acts as an art piece. You need to ensure that the tank is clean and your fish is well fed at all times. If you want to know more or need assistance from a professional, contact Get Wet Ponds.

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