Fish Pond Lighting Tips

Maintaining pond lights, especially with fish in the pond, might seem like a challenging task.  However, once some essential details have been figured out, dealing with fish pond lights will become quite easy. There are specialised outdoor and underwater lights designed to be used in situations like lighting a fish pond. Thankfully, they can be purchased at the majority of landscaping and garden stores.  

Below are 7 tips to assist you in better managing your fish pond lights:

Choose the Correct Lights 

There are many different sizes and varieties in which landscaping lights are available.  As such, you should choose the ones that are best suited for your needs and preferences. 

Go For LED Bulbs 

These bulbs will assist you in saving a lot of money. The outdoor-friendly and submersible versions are ideal for your pond and landscaping needs. They are available in different sizes, shapes, beams, hues and colours and they are worth the initial investment.

Low Maintenance is Essential 

Constantly changing your light bulbs is a huge hassle, particularly when dealing with underwater bulbs. This can also be bothersome to the fish; therefore, select durable bulbs that can endure the wear and tear of the elements and the water exposure. 

Design is Important As Well 

The fish pond lights should play a role in making it visually appealing; therefore, you should not undermine the aesthetic value of the lights. Let your creative juices flow and play around with different beams and colours. There are even some lighting systems that allow you to input light patterns that change the colour of the light or allow it to blink on and off for a fascinating light show.

Position Landscaping Lights to Point at the Pond

Instead of directing the lights toward a viewing area like the patio, shine the light on the pond.  The objective is to illuminate the water feature, without blinding anyone who is viewing it. This will add to its aesthetic appeal.

Use Spot Lighting to Showcase Features

Use lights under the surface of the water to spotlight the cascading waters of your stream or waterfall. You should also include some that will highlight interesting elements in and around the pond.

Conceal Power Cord

For easy accessibility to the lights to replace bulbs, use the excess power cord to wrap around the lights.  By doing this, you won’t have to move a rock or drain the water to access the bulbs.

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