Factors To Look For When Buying Pond Pumps

When it comes to selecting the right pump for your pond, it should be about more than just choosing the best deal. A pond pump keeps the water circulating and oxygenated for fish and plants. They keep the water clear and healthy, which in turn results in healthier fish and less pond maintenance. Pond pumps come in different types and sizes, and here are the following main factors to consider.

The Size of Your Pond

The most important pond pump factor is the size, which should be determined by the size of your pond. A pump that is too small will leave your water stagnant, murky, with low oxygen levels and poor circulation. Ideally, a pump should circulate the pond’s volume once an hour.

Dynamic Head Pressure

This factor is relevant for ponds with waterfalls, and it refers to the back pressure that’s placed on the pump when it is forcing the water up through the tubing to the waterfall. Factors like the length/diameter of the tubing, the height of the waterfall, and fittings determine how much flow you have. The more dynamic head pressure, the less flow your pump will produce.

Most pumps will come with a flow chart so you can determine if a given pump will provide the force for your waterfall height you are looking for.

Width of Your Waterfall

If you have a waterfall feature, chances are you want more than just a meagre trickle. You will want to choose a pump that will produce the ideal flow of water over the waterfall so you can get your desired look.

To put it simply, the larger the pump, the larger the flow and the width of your waterfall will be. A basic formula to determine this is done by calculating the set flow of water in gallons per hour for every inch of water at the waterfall’s top.

Price and Warranty

Operating costs vary depending on a number of factors such as flow rate and watts. Generally speaking, the larger the pump, the more power it takes to power, and the higher the operational cost.

Any pump worth considering will come with a warranty. Try and choose a pump with at least a two-year warranty as it will reflect the quality of the product.

If looking for pond pumps Perth, make sure the pump is suited to your pond’s size and produces the look you want, but also consider how much it costs to operate it and the type of warranty it has. Get Wet Ponds is a great place to start your search for good-quality pond pumps.

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