Beginner’s Guide To Fish Keeping

Beginner’s Guide To Fish Keeping

If you want to be a successful fish keeper, you should learn and master the basic things first. Once you have learned all the important facts about fish keeping, you will succeed in the aquaculture business. Below is a beginner’s guide to fish keeping for newbies like you.

Prepare the Habitat

You cannot just buy fish and throw them into a tank or an aquarium. Fishes are living things so they need the right habitat to thrive. The smart move is to begin with a relatively large tank. Your tank should have enough space for the fish that will live in it. It also makes sense to prepare the tank well in advance. You need to place gravel at the bottom of the tank to give it a natural look. It also pays to have natural plants growing in your tank before you bring in the fish. Other equipment you need while you are preparing the habitat include a thermometer, heater, water conditioner and rocks.

Temperature and Water Safety  

You need a safe and conducive environment for your fish. This is why you should invest in a good thermometer. Ensure that the temperature is just right before you move the fish into the tank. In addition, you should get rid of ammonia in the water because this substance is bad for your fish. Chlorine is another substance that you do not need in your fish tank. Make sure the chlorine levels are safe and you will do the fishes a lot of good.

Choosing the Fish

You can go for cold-water fish or tropical fish. The right move is to go for the tough and hardy species. This way, you improve the chances of fish survival.

Adding Fish to Your Fish Tank

You have done your homework and now we get to the exciting part. Adding fish to your fish tank is one thing you should do the right way so that you get excellent results. The best move is to add the fish gradually in small numbers so that they are not stressed as they move to their new habitat. It also makes sense to keep the lights off during the first 24 hours and refrain from feeding the fishes during this period.

Tank Maintenance

Keep a close eye on your water quality and change the water every fortnight. Finally, feed the fish well and get a vet doctor to check them out when this is required.

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